Building & Zoning

Building & Zoning Responsibilities

  • Issue all City building and improvement permits
  • Perform inspections for Code compliance
  • Review plans and plats, including Primary, Secondary, and Development plans, construction plans, and Board of Zoning Appeals petitions.
  • Perform site checks

Planning Commission

Gregory Kitson, 1019 W Commerce Drive, Decatur, Minds Eye Graphics, 260-724-2050
William (Bill) Karbach, 1106 Woodridge Dr, Decatur, 260-724-7411
Tyler Fullenkamp, 387 Stevenson, Decatur, 260-724-8959
Barbara Engle, 916 Waynesboro, Decatur, 260-724-9929
Stephen Hakes, 209 S 5th St, Decatur, 260-223-9236
RJ Macklin, 1420 High Street, Decatur, 260-724-3991
Larry Isch, 223 Limberlost Trail, Decatur, 260-724-7429
Dennis Scheumann, 803 Woodridge Court, 260-728-2420

Board of Zoning Appeals

Dave Haggard, 1222 Cross Point, Decatur
Stephen Hakes, 209 S 5th St., Decatur
Greg Kitson, Minds Eye Graphics, 1019 W Commerce Dr., Decatur
William Lynch, 120 Riverside Ct., Decatur
Bill Stuckey, 1215 Canterbury Dr., Decatur