Dan Rickord, Mayor of Decatur

The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of the city government. The mayor serves for a term of four years, and the office is not subject to term limits. A person is eligible to serve as mayor if he or she has resided in the city for one year prior to the election (IC 3-1-8-26). If the mayor ceases to be a resident of the city, he or she forfeits the Office of Mayor (IC 36-4-5-2).

Mayor's Powers & Duties

  • Enforcing the Ordinances of the City and the Statutes of the State.
  • Providing any information regarding city affairs that the Common Council requests.
  • Calling special meetings of the Common Council when necessary.
  • Ensuring efficient government of the City.
  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required.
  • Signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the City, and all licenses issued by the City.
  • Approving or vetoing ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the legislative body (veto power is
    subject to council override and may be exercised on a line-item basis on
    appropriations measures (IC 36-4-6-16).
  • Appoint the Heads of Executive Departments, Employees of the Departments, and many, if not
    most, Board and Commission Members (IC 36-4-5-4; 36-4-9-2 and 36-4-11-2).
  • Suspend or remove officers and employees appointed by the mayor (IC 36-4-11-2).
  • Fix the salaries of all appointed officials and employees (except police, firefighters, and
    appointees of the clerk or clerk-treasurer) subject to reduction by the
    Common Council (IC 36-4-5- through 7).
  • In Third Class Cities, serve as Presiding Officer of the Council, and vote only in order to
    break a tie (IC 36-4-6-8).
  • Solemnize marriages.


Dan Rickord

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