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History of Decatur

A man with a vision founded the City of Decatur in 1836. Samuel Rugg, a friend of President Thomas Jefferson, and the founder of Decatur, hoped that this town would flourish a thriving and successful community. He also created Adams County with the idea of Decatur as the County Seat. Due to Rugg''s efforts as well as citizens following in his stead, Decatur has become a safe and fruitful community. Many family and locally owned shops and restaurants are sprinkled throughout the city, both in downtown and along the main roads. A major facet of downtown is the Victorian-style County Courthouse. Built in 1873, it continues to be picturesque and still functions as the home of the County Government. The County Historical Society houses photos and memorabilia from the history of Decatur, and is curated in a beautiful home that was once occupied by a prominent family of Decatur. The campus of North Adams Community School District and Bellmont Junior-Senior High School remains as beautiful as the Steele's Park and Fairgrounds were before it; there is never a shortage of pride as cries of "Go Braves!" support the State Champion football team. The Adams County Hospital is also located in Decatur and has provided the best of care for more than 80 years, offering a skilled network of local and visiting physicians and specialists.

Decatur, Indiana Today

In order to develop a family-oriented community, bursting opportunity and pride, we must attract, retain, and engage citizens through enhanced quality of life and economic prosperity. To this end, we must focus our efforts on revitalizing our community’s appearance and recreational opportunities, encouraging personal skills and knowledge advancement, promoting the growth and development of new and existing businesses, and effectively marketing our strengths to our citizens and to those in surrounding communities.

6 Livability Principles

Provide more transportation choices

Decatur hopes to develop safe, reliable, and affordable transportation choices to decrease household transportation costs, reduce energy consumption and dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote public health.

Promote equitable, affordable housing

We are striving to expand location- and energy-efficient housing choices for people of all ages, incomes, races, and nationalities in order to increase quality of living and lower combined cost of housing.

Enhance Economic Competitiveness

Together, we can improve economic competitiveness through reliable and timely access to employment centers, educational opportunities, and employee services, and even expand business access to target markets.

Support Existing Communities

Decatur plans on targeting Federal funding toward its community to increase revitalization and efficiency of public works investments, and safeguard rural landscapes.

Coordinate policies and leverage investment

We will align Federal policies and funding to remove barriers to collaboration, leverage funding, and increase the accountability and effectiveness of all levels of government. This will pave the way for the future growth, including making smart energy choices such as renewable energy.

Value communities and neighborhoods

Decatur will enhance the unique characteristics of all communities by investing in healthy, safe, and walkable neighborhoods - rural, urban, and suburban.


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